Merry Christmas! – Alleviate Financial Distress

By When The Paychecks Stop | December 15, 2017

  News You Can Use Investors in an Aging Bull Market   Many investors who have participated in the eight-year bull market have done well. But those approaching retirement may wonder if it’s time to transition assets to more conservative holdings.   Here are factors to consider before making a decision about changing your portfolio:…

Update on the DOL Fiduciary Rule  

By When The Paychecks Stop | December 12, 2017

In August, the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed to delay the launch of the final portion of the new “fiduciary rule” until July 2019. Part of the rule went into effect in June of this year, mandating that any financial professional making financial recommendations to a client with regard to an individual retirement account (IRA)…

The Healthy Living Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | December 11, 2017

What Downgraded Health Could Mean for Next Generation of Retirees   Lifespans today are longer than they used to be, which means you may need more savings to last throughout retirement. While holding a job is certainly one solution for providing income later in life, it assumes one’s health is good enough to continue working.…

Artificial Intelligence: Innovation for Today’s World

By When The Paychecks Stop | December 5, 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way businesses build products and even provide customer service. We now have automated virtual assistants and “chatbots” answering customer service calls.1 We even have self-driving cars being tested for pizza delivery.2   These quantum leaps in technological advances present both opportunities and challenges. For example, the way we…

The Aging America Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | December 4, 2017

Challenges and Perks of an Aging Population   The nice thing about growing older with such a large generation is there’s plenty of company. Whether in supermarkets, restaurants, fitness centers or recreation venues, it usually isn’t hard to find others nearby in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.   In fact, there are now more…

The Leisure Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | November 27, 2017

Don’t Forget to Leave Time for Leisure Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. We make lists and check off the activities we manage to complete — because that makes us feel productive. We might even put fun things on that list — like yoga class, reading for an hour or…

Investing for the Long Term

By When The Paychecks Stop | November 21, 2017

What does the phrase “long term” mean to you? For children, long term can mean waiting for Christmas or summer vacation that feels like a million years away. For young adults, long term may reference how long it takes to pay off student loans. As we get older, we begin to understand that long term…

The Annuity Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | November 20, 2017

The Guarantee Behind Guaranteed Income for Life   One benefit of Social Security payouts and some company-sponsored pensions is that they can provide income for retirees as long as they live. But if you don’t have access to these options or are looking for an additional way to receive lifelong income payouts, annuities could be…

When One Spouse Retires First

By When The Paychecks Stop | November 14, 2017

It’s easy to think of retirement and dream of a relaxed stroll into the sunset with your significant other by your side. After all, many advertisements repeat this theme with salt-and-pepper-haired couples strolling hand in hand across a beachfront.   Yet, this is not always the case. Anymore, we often see couples retire at different…

The Water Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | November 13, 2017

Surge in Storms Could Bring Flood Insurance Changes   The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was created by Congress in 1968 to offer property owners flood protection that is generally excluded from homeowner’s insurance.1 Unfortunately, the recent spate of hurricanes and storms has put the program under the microscope.   An NFIP policy can be…

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