The Transportation Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | March 12, 2018

No Car? No Problem in These U.S. Cities Many people downsize homes in retirement, but why stop there? Consider your lifestyle and whether there are other places you could cut back. What are things you envision yourself doing in retirement, and how much will they cost?   Maybe you’d like to explore more cultural and…

The Work Notes Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | March 5, 2018

The Employer Perspective on Health Care Costs   Think you pay a lot in health insurance premiums? According to a 2017 Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey, non-federal public and private companies paid around 70 percent of premiums for their employees, representing approximately $13,050 a year for family health coverage. The employee share for…

Debunking Market Myths

By When The Paychecks Stop | February 27, 2018

The world keeps changing: politics and social movements emerge, the stock markets fluctuate and a lot of our preconceived notions continue to be challenged. However, some things don’t seem to change, including myths about the markets and investing. Let’s take a look at some of the ones that still exist.   It’s true that it’s…

Evolution of the 401(k)

By When The Paychecks Stop | February 13, 2018

When employer-sponsored 401(k) plans were introduced in the 1980s, an unexpected consequence occurred: Pensions stopped being the norm. One reason is that companies found 401(k) plans less expensive than traditional defined benefit plans.1   At the time, 401(k) plans were touted as an opportunity for greater earnings and a richer retirement lifestyle. While it’s true…

The Federal Reserve’s Role in the Economy  

By When The Paychecks Stop | February 6, 2018

  The U.S. government’s system of checks and balances applies not only to its distribution of power but also to its economic viability. The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the investment industry, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau safeguards the interests of consumers and a banking supervisory system regulates U.S. monetary policy. That’s where the Federal…

The Retiring on Less than Expected Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | February 5, 2018

  Saving Money in Retirement   Today, nearly half of U.S. households report having zero retirement savings, according to the Economic Policy Institute.1 This means that without significant changes in wages, expenses and saving habits, millions of Americans likely will be living solely on Social Security benefits in retirement. Even if you expect to have…

Study Proves Aging a One-Way Process

By When The Paychecks Stop | January 23, 2018

As you may have already suspected, aging is not a reversible process. This was confirmed in a new study titled “Intercellular Competition and Inevitability of Multicellular Aging,” in which researchers concluded it’s impossible to halt the aging process in multi-cellular organisms like humans.1   Scientists have found a cellular mechanism that enables a reverse aging…

The Insurance Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | January 22, 2018

Midlife Insurance Audit   We need different types of insurance policies for different phases of our lives, for different amounts, for different reasons. If you haven’t taken stock of your current coverages by the time you hit middle age, it may be time for a midlife audit. If it’s been even longer, you’re probably overdue.…

Innovation Around the World

By When The Paychecks Stop | January 16, 2018

Digital music service Spotify and the popular electronic games Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga all originated in Sweden. The country is home to some of the world’s largest technology companies and is second only to Silicon Valley for tech giants.1   Sweden provides free health care, free higher education and outstanding infrastructure with the third-fastest…

The Social Security Issue

By When The Paychecks Stop | January 15, 2018

  Get in the Know: Social Security and IRS Updates for 2018   The new year will bring several changes that could affect your Social Security benefits and retirement savings.   Last October, the Social Security Administration announced cost-of-living adjustments for 2018 benefits. Starting in January, monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits…

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