Deep-dive Workshops

FedSavvy® Solutions for Federal Employees

FedSavvy® Solutions for Federal Employees offers a series of deep-dive workshops that are designed to educate and inform federal employees. Whether you are part of the CSRS system, the FERS system, or perhaps in between, these workshops will empower you to understand the complicated federal retirement programs.

Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement®

Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement® is a comprehensive course that outlines many of the confusing and stressful components of retirement planning. With this course, you should expect to take a deep exploration of the various scenarios that can come up during retirement as well as tools and tactics to help you to face them.

Home Wealth Management

Home Wealth Management is a portion of retirement planning that can make a tremendous difference in whether or not a retirement plan is successful or not. Many folks see their home as a store of value that should be a last resort. In many cases, taking a proactive approach to managing home wealth in a retirement plan can be the key to a successful retirement.

Making the Most of Social Security®

Making the Most of Social Security - Retirement Income-Enhancing Strategies® is a course tailored toward the cumbersome and confusing world of Social Security. With the various changes in the system since its inception, there are myriad rules, exceptions, and stipulations that could mean a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. This deep-dive course will educate you in these areas and more.

Passport to Retirement®

Passport to Retirement® is a step-by-step course that shows you the pathway to retirement. During this course, you should expect to learn some of the strategies, steps, and tools you can use to make your retirement everything you've always dreamed it could be. With our deep-dive workshop, we want to educate you to make those decisions with confidence.

Taking Control®

There are many issues that are unique to women. Taking Control® is a signature deep-dive workshop target toward women and retirement. Whether someone is concerned about outliving a spouse according to actuarial tables, or what life will look like as a retired female, Taking Control® seeks to educate and prepare you to be in charge of your retirement.